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Ballot from Year 4 Split 1 Week 2 Poll

Rank Logo Team Comment
1 Team Falcons Team Falcons duh
2 Fnatic Fnatic last split they were 10th in RF and 3rd on LAN. this split they were 4th in RF
3 Luminosity Luminosity only 2 sets outside the top 4 this split. i expect another top 4 this weekend
4 Alliance Alliance looking VERY solid now and Effect is doing Effect things
5 Legends Gaming Legends Gaming threw RF to play vantage, not a concern as long as we dont see her on LAN
6 TSM TSM take a step back and remember what this team was at the start of the split. 19th in the PR after week 1, 18th on my ballot. it's been very impressive.
7 Furia Furia 20th in the preseason ranking, 25th for me. another team that has had a great split. also basically tied at the hip to TSM - one point higher on the overall leaderboard while scoring 6 less points across the 36 games played
8 Gaimin Gladiators Gaimin Gladiators i am once again asking you to stream RF
9 Mkers Mkers great showing in RF. soon they will show that the one LAN they missed finals at was a fluke
10 Spacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming this is the roster that determines if phony is a top tier IGL. no more excuses. need to get it done
11 Team Liquid Alienware Team Liquid Alienware beginning to accept that this team just will not make sense
12 NOEZ FOXX NOEZ FOXX on track to be the #2 team from APACN on LAN, but where exactly that places them is still nearly impossible to discern
13 Bleed Esports Bleed Esports incredibly consistent in NA. six sets of 5th, 6th, or 8th. RF will be the toughest challenge yet
14 VK Gaming VK Gaming quietly coming into LAN in excellent form, without the distraction of EWC, have LAN experience from Asia Festival... great dark horse pick
15 FaZe Clan FaZe Clan need to stop dropping stinkers
16 XNY XNY as much as i hate to say it, there's parallels to WTD here that have me a bit concerned. if they get comfortable and confident they will be a revelation, but if they do not it could be an early exit
17 Not Moist Not Moist feels like LAN comes too soon for them. they need more time, but they won't have it. we may see the worst LAN of wxltzy's career. on the flip side, maybe international scrims will be enough to iron everything out
18 Complexity Complexity it's strange because i don't really feel confident in them making finals at LAN but i do think they are better than they were last split and there isn't a ton of room to accommodate those two things
19 NewJ NewJ RF was a preview but LAN will be so much worse. it doesn't work in the best lobbies, they either won't get the spots they want or they will take them early and get wiped. and you can forget all the fluke wins and top 2s. they won't win a game later than groups. might still sneak into finals but it will go badly if they do
20 Enter Force.36 Enter Force.36 finally, Cinap on LAN. one of the most interesting storylines of the entire event
21 SaWeiQi esport SaWeiQi esport weak RF and i do worry that they will have trouble adjusting to the level of play on LAN
22 FENNEL FENNEL it is wild that this is curihara's first LAN appearance. 4th at online champs in 2021. within 5 spots of LAN three straight times until finally breaking through. not just that though, going through convincingly. they were locked going into RF and held 4th despite an awful showing
23 Natus Vincere Natus Vincere 8th-6th-8th-6th-8th-...3rd? are we back? i think we might be back. and of course, as MaTaFe rises gnaske must also fall. better pray to every god he knows of for NiP to miss LAN
24 Pioneers Pioneers Gent and Onmuu will want to get the taste of their last LANs out of their mouths. Deeds finally gets his shot. something of a redemption arc at play here
25 HAO HAO fantastic RF for a team that was outside the LAN spots coming in. complete shift in playstyle from split 1 has made their journey to LAN hard but makes them a much more promising contender once they get there